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Here are the questions we are asked most often. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

What makes RightSearch different from other suppliers?

Rightsearch uses a bespoke ordering process with direct links to suppliers giving the user full control and clarity with all cases.  Our case tracking allows the user to be kept up to date with searches throughout the process.   From point of order to Completion you will be fully updated.


What are property searches and why are they needed?

Property searches are reports that reveal any potential risks related to a property being purchased such as planning, contaminated land, coal mining and subsidence amongst others.  They can also reveal any specific charges placed on a property by the Local Authority.  They are used by solicitors and property purchasers to assist in making a decision about the purchase of a new property.


What are Regulated and Official Searches?

Official searches are completed by the Local Authority within which the property resides, they contain official data And are compiled by Land Charges officers within the Local Authority. 

Regulated searches are compiled by our professional and highly trained search agents.  We collect data from the Local Authority and compile into the required format to meet the requirements of our regulatory bodies.  All agents have vast experience of the local property market and receive ongoing training to ensure high levels of service are constantly delivered.


Why regulated searches and not official?

Our regulated searches are compiled using “official data” from the local authority to give you peace of mind that all data is accurate and up to date at point of order.  With much quicker turnaround times and lower costs than official local searches it makes sense to use our regulated products.


Do you offer expedited searches?

Certain local authorities are able to expedite requests on a case by case basis.... please contact us for further information if required.  We are always happy to help and if able to complete cases urgently.


 Are you subscribers to the searchcode?

Rightsearch are subscribers to the searchcode and are members of PCCB, CoPSO and the TPO.


Do you have indemnity cover?

We offer indemnity cover for all searches up to £5,000,000.

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